Marinco is online trading platform dedicated to the marine industry.1

Marinco aims to be the market leader in its fields with emphasis on future developments in both business and contribution to the industry and society.

This is Marinco where you can receive trouble-free supply of technical spares through one single contact. We have extensive knowledge of the supplier base for European made spare parts rooted in our experience staff in different countries.We have been extending our service bases from the birthplace in Japan to locations around the globe so as to provide customers with unrivalled services wherever and whenever they are needed.

We know the importance of correct and fast delivery and over the years have built up very good relations with our suppliers, thus always ensuring you the best possible prices and the opportunity to order from different makers at one place.


We have experienced considerable growth over the last couple of years, mainly through acquisitions. We are capable to serve you as a customer through our extended worldwide network covering the North- and South America, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia.